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Read more about '''[[Purity and Purification Compilation|Purity and Purification]]''' from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.
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<h1>Purity and Purification Summary</h1>
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= What is Purity and Purification =
If one lives only for the Divine and by the Divine, there follows a perfect purity. <ref></ref>
As soon as one speaks of purity, we get an image of a saintly moralism amounting to “doing all the right things”. However, purity has nothing to do with righteousness and asceticism. However, purity Purity is simply the quality of the soul and purification the process of taking up the ordinary habitual surface movements of the instruments of the being - vital, mental and physical - and vital movements and turning them towards the Divine. <ref></ref>
All purification is a release, a delivery; for it is a throwing away of limiting, binding, obscuring imperfections and confusions: purification from desire brings the freedom of the psychic prana, purification from wrong emotions and troubling reactions the freedom of the heart, purification from the obscuring limited thought of the sense mind the freedom of the intelligence, purification from mere intellectuality the freedom of the gnosis. But all this is an instrumental liberation. The freedom of the soul, mukti, is of a larger and more essential character; it is an opening out of mortal limitation into the illimitable immortality of the Spirit. <ref> </ref>
= Why Purify =
The world will be made better only in proportion as we make ourselves better. The ills that humanity suffers from - collectively and individually - stem from the errors that lie at the roots of our ignorant nature. <ref></ref> Thus, purification of our nature is central to making the world better.
The most effective way for purification for the mental being is to draw back, to stand as the passive witness and observe and know himself and the workings of Nature in the lower, the normal being; but this must be combined, for perfection, with a will to raise the purified nature into the higher spiritual being. <ref></ref>
It is better to keep the thoughts fixed on purity, light and peace that one wants to acquire, instead of thinking too much about one’s impurities. <ref></ref>
'''Purification of the Vital Being'''
If you are in confusion, if there is a vital upsurge, the fact of compelling yourself to put it on paper already quietens you, it begins the work of purification. <ref></ref>
'''Release from Ego'''
The ego is by its nature a smallness of being; it brings contraction of the consciousness and with the contraction limitation of knowledge, disabling ignorance,—confinement and a diminution of power and by that diminution incapacity and weakness,—scission of oneness and by that scission disharmony and failure of sympathy and love and understanding,—inhibition or fragmentation of delight of being and by that fragmentation pain and sorrow. To recover what is lost we must break out of the walls of ego. The ego must either disappear in impersonality or fuse into a larger I: it must fuse into the wider cosmic “I” which comprehends all these smaller selves or the transcendent of which even the cosmic self is a diminished image. <ref></ref>
'''Integral Purification'''
'''Content curated by Aditi Nayan'''
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