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<ref>The Mother. (2003). Series fourteen - to a sadhak. In Some Answers from the mother.</ref>
Man, the individual, has to become and to live as a universal being; his limited mental consciousness has to widen to the superconscient unity in which each embraces all; his narrow heart has to learn the infinite embrace and replace its lusts and discords by universal love and his restricted vital being to become equal to the whole shock of the universe upon it and capable of universal delight; his very physical being has to know itself as no separate entity but as one with and sustaining in itself the whole flow of the indivisible Force that is all things; his whole nature has to reproduce in the individual the unity, the harmony, the oneness-in-all of the supreme Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.
<ref>Sri Aurobindo. (2005). Supermind mind and the overmind maya. In The life divine I.</ref>
====Equality ====