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→‎Superficial Individualisation - Ego: changed 'His' into 'his' as the original quote uses small letter.
= Superficial Individualisation - Ego =
And yet our individualisation is only a superficial formation. Behind it there is a consciousness, a Purusha, who is not determined or limited by His his individualisation. One’s individualisation exists not just by virtue of the world-being, but also by virtue of a consciousness which uses the world-being for experience of its possibilities of individuality. These two powers, Purusha and His his world-material, are both necessary for one’s present experience of individuality.
When one has passed beyond individualising, then one shall be a real Person. Ego was the helper; Ego is the bar. To begin with, a tremendous labour is required to individualise oneself, and afterwards one must demolish all that has been done in order to progress.