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= Why Individualisation =
One can't merge one's ego in the Divine before becoming completely individualised. To be able to give oneself, one must first exist, and to exist one must be individualised. The "I" or the little ego is constituted by Nature and is at once a mental, vital and physical formation meant to aid in centralising and individualising the outer consciousness and action. If one had the power of abolishing the ego ahead of time, one would lose one's individuality. When one has realised one’s own individuality sufficiently andhas and has become a conscious, independent being, then one no longer needs the ego. And at that time one can make an effort to get rid of it.
As long as one is not conscious of the Truth of one’s being, one is moved by all kinds of things. Collective thought and collective suggestions are a formidable influence, which act constantly on individual thought. What is extraordinary is that one does not notice it. The mass is always inferior to the individual.It iscertain is certain that there is a degree of individual perfection and transformation which cannot be realised without the whole of humanity having made a particular progress. One cannot isolate oneself completely. It is impossible, even if one isolates oneself physically, to do so vitally and mentally.There is the vast terrestrial atmosphere in which one is born, and there is a sort of spirit or genius of the human race. This genius must have reached a certain degree of perfection for anyone to be able to go farther.
= Superficial Individualisation - Ego =