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Individualisation, is the capacity to take up all experiences and organise them around the divine centre. One must organise what one calls "oneself" around the psychic centre, so that it would make a single, coherent, fully conscious being. As this divine centre is itself already consecrated entirely to the Divine, if everything is organised harmoniously around it, everything is consecrated to the Divine. When the Divine thinks it proper and when the work of individualisation is complete, one has the permission to merge one’s ego in Divine Consciousness and to live henceforward only for the Divine.
== '''Who is an Individual =='''
The individual is in nature one expression of the universal Being, in spirit an emanation of the Transcendence. For if he finds his self, he finds too that his own true self is not this natural personality, this created individuality, but is a universal being in its relations with others and with Nature and in its upward term a portion or the living front of a supreme transcendental Spirit.