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= How =
== '''Purification of the Mental Being =='''
The most effective way for purification for the mental being is to draw back, to stand as the passive witness and observe and know himself and the workings of Nature in the lower, the normal being; but this must be combined, for perfection, with a will to raise the purified nature into the higher spiritual being.
It is better to keep the thoughts fixed on purity, light and peace that one wants to acquire, instead of thinking too much about one’s impurities.
== '''Purification of the Vital Being =='''
The first step in purification is to rid the prana of desire and turn the vital being from dominant power to obedient instrument of free mind. Purification of experience means to make it sincere and motiveless (i.e. to take away motives of ambition and vanity of desires and power).
If you are in confusion, if there is a vital upsurge, the fact of compelling yourself to put it on paper already quietens you, it begins the work of purification.
== '''Integral Purification =='''
Purification to be effective must be integral. It must take along all parts of being. For instance, Purification of understanding shall open the door of Truth but it cannot happen if no purification of other members of the being has been initiated. Love is the purifier of the heart, however, this heart’s love of man may lead to distortion and exaggeration in feelings, actions and knowledge which have to be corrected and prevented by purification of understanding. Purification of understanding is the most potent cleanser of the turbid and disordered being.