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<h1>Silence Summary</h1>
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In silence lies the greatest receptivity. And in an immobile silence the vastest action is done.
= <h2> What =</h2>
It is the silence of the mind and vital—silence implying here not only cessation of thoughts but a stillness of the mental and vital substance.
Certainly, peace, purity and silence can be felt in all material things—for the Divine Self is there in all.
= <h2> Why =</h2>
When one has learned to silence the mind at will and to concentrate it in receptive silence, then there will be no problem that cannot be solved, no mental difficulty whose solution cannot be found.
It is out of this Silence that the Word which creates the worlds for ever proceeds; for the Word expresses that which is self-hidden in the Silence.
== ''' Knowing in Silence =='''
The true way of knowing is above words and thoughts.
Truth is above mind; it is in silence that one can enter into communication with it.
== '''Flow of Intuition in Silence =='''
In order to allow at all to the higher Light an adequate entry and force of working, it is necessary to acquire a power for quietude of the nature, to compose, tranquillise, impress a controlled passivity or even an entire silence on mind and heart, life and body.
The cure is not in trying to wake up the mind but in turning it, immobile and silent, upward towards the region of intuitive light, in a steady and quiet aspiration, and to wait in silence, for the light to come down and flood your brain which will, little by little, wake up to this influence and become capable of receiving and expressing the intuition.
= <h2> How =</h2>
There is an active method by which one looks to see where the thoughts come from and finds they come not from oneself, but from outside the head as it were; if one can detect them coming, then, before they enter, they have to be thrown away altogether. This is perhaps the most difficult way and not all can do it, but if it can be done it is the shortest and most powerful road to silence.
They sit down for a few hours in the day and even at night and quiet their mind. This is for them the key to all realisation—a quiet mind that knows how to keep quiet for hours together without roving.
= <h2> In Yoga =</h2>
To take this step towards the new creation, one must learn to silence the mind and rise above into Consciousness.