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Read more about Healing from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

What Is Healing?

It is opening and receptivity to the divine influence. [1]

It is what we experience in the process of identifying and connecting to the divine consciousness. In bodies, it may be manifested as a very great mental or vital power that imposes itself through the resistance of Matter. [2]

Healing within the body, through drugs often cures the body but only if their physical attack on the disease is supported by the force of the spirit; if that force can be made to work freely, drugs are superfluous. [3]

What Impedes Healing?


An illness of the body is always the outer expression and translation of a disorder, a disharmony in the inner being; unless this inner disorder is healed, the outer cure cannot be total and permanent. [4]


Healing requires integration. Our first division is created by our ego...which divides us from all other beings as not-self and ties us to our ego-centricity and the law of an egoistic self affirmation. [5]

Dependence on Others

Seeking support from elsewhere than in the Divine is often accompanied by hurt. Never seek the satisfaction of your needs in anyone else except the Divine—never, for anything at all. All your weaknesses can be borne and healed only by the Divine. [6]

Why Heal?

The true solution to any problem can intervene only when by our spiritual growth we can become one self with all beings, know them as part of our self, deal with them as if they were our other selves; for then the division is healed. [7]

Healing the Memory in the Body

When you have had either an experience illness, the body remembers for a very long time. If you want to be completely cured, you must cure this memory in the body. When the remembrance is effaced, the body is truly healed. [8]

How to Heal?

To have a real aspiration to overcome the obstacle, to rise above oneself, to give up all that pulls one back, to break the limits, become clear, purify oneself of all that blocks the way, if truly one has the intense will not to fall back into past errors, to surge up from the darkness and ignorance, to rise into the light, stripped of all that is too human, too small, too ignorant — then that works. [9]

Divine Presence

Healing can only happen through divine presence. It is absolutely false that anything human can heal a human evil. Only the Divine can heal. [10]


When one can truly surrender, one can feel and love the God of beauty and good in the ugly and the evil. One can still yearn in utter love to heal it of its ugliness and its evil. [11]

True Knowledge

Knowledge of reality is almost the first requisite for healing. This knowledge often enough is best brought home to us through blows and bleedings (pain and suffering). If one learns to detach oneself from any such experience and learn to look at such perversions from a higher altitude...then our difficulties literally become opportunities. For knowledge, when it goes to the root of our troubles, has a marvellous healing power. [12]

Pranic Shakti

The pranic force within us, can be used for any of the activities of life, body or mind with a far greater and effective power. This force can be used to direct the prana to manage more powerfully or to rectify any bodily state or action, to heal illness or to get rid of fatigue, and to liberate an enormous amount of mental exertion and play of will or knowledge.


With constant persistence over the path of yoga, the faith in the mind grows in vigour. The opposing faith in the body will change, admit what it first denied and not only accept in its habits the new yoke but itself call for this higher action. [13]

In case of physical illnesses, medicines have little effect; it is the faith in medicines that cures. [14]

Sorrow and Suffering

Human beings always suffer because of egoistic causes. [15]

When sorrow is there, if one can manage to rise above the egoism of sorrow—seeing first which is the egoistic part, what is it that makes us suffer? Through self-observation, witnessing what the egoistic cause of our suffering is, and then rising above that and going beyond towards something universal. Something which is a deep fundamental truth. This helps one to enter that infinite Compassion, opening the psychic door. It has compassion for all things, which can embrace all things and so heal all things. [16]

Psychic Being: Divine Seeking and Love

The most intimate character of the psychic is its pressure towards the Divine through a sacred love, joy and oneness. It is a divine Love that it seeks most, it is the love of the Divine that is its goal. [17]

Integrative Process

The path of yoga is to walk steadily, healing the rift between the two parts of the being. The division is very usual, almost universal in human nature. Following the lower impulse in spite of the contrary will in the higher parts happens to almost everybody. By constant effort and aspiration one can arrive at a turning point when the psychic asserts itself. What seems a very slight psychological change, alters the whole balance of nature. [18] Its flame mounts always upward and it is eager to push the ascent from lesser to higher degrees of Truth. Only by the ascent to a highest Truth and the descent of that highest Truth can Love be delivered and deformation be healed. [19]

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Read more about Healing from the works of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.