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Core Readings

  1. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Education
  2. On Education
    Author - the Mother (CWM Vol.12)
  3. Education I: Essays on Education with Commentaries
    Published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram
    Author - the Mother

Recommended Readings

  1. Psychic Education: A Workbook
    Based on the Writings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo
    Author - Neeltje Huppes
  2. Education at Crossroads
    Published by The Mother's Institute of Research - Mira Aditi
    Author - Kireet Joshi
  3. A National Agenda for Education
    Published by The Mother's Institute of Research - Mira Aditi
    Author - Kireet Joshi
  4. An Inspirational Guide to Integral Education
    Author - Sraddhalu Ranade
    Currently out of circulation
  5. Integral Education, A Foundation for the Future
    Author - Partho
  6. Education and the Aim of Human Life
    Author - Pavitra (P. B. Saint Hilaire)
  7. The Mother on Education - From Reflection to Action
    Published by NCTE, prepared by Gnostic Centre
  8. Ever to the New and the Unknown
    By SAICE on their 50th Anniversary
  9. ABCs of Indian National Education
    Author - Beloo Mehra
  10. Psychology for Future Education
    Author - Norman C. Dowsett


  1. How to Bring Up a Child
    Words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
    Compiled by- Vijay
  2. Light for Students - Towards Higher and Deeper Values
    Words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
    Compiled by- Vijay
  3. A New Education for a New Consciousness
    Words of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
  4. On Women
    Compiled by- Vijay
  5. Whispers of Nature
    Compiled by- Vijay

On Subjects

Physical Education

  1. Awareness Through the Body
    Author - Aloka Marti, Joan Sala
    Published by Auroville
  2. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Physical Education
    A Compilation
  3. Play with a purpose for Under-seven
    Author - E.M. Matterson
  4. Adapted and corrective Physical Education
    Author - Ellen Davis Kelly
  5. Creative Play
    Author - Dorothy Einon
  6. Yoga for Children
    Author - Swati Chanchani, Rajiv Chanchani
  7. Teaching Physical Education in Elementary Schools
    Author - Vannier, Foster
  8. Creative Play for the Developing Child
    Author - Clare Cherry
  9. Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School children
    Author - Victor P.Daver, Robert P.Pangrazi


  1. Math + Magic = Mathemagician
    Author - Monica Kochar


  1. The Wonder that is Sanskrit
    Author - Sampad, Vijay


  1. From Ajanta to Nandalal Bose
    by SAIIER, Auroville


  1. Joy of Learning – Handbook of Environmental Education Activities for Standards 3 to 5
    contains 75 activities, Pub. by Centre for Environment Education, for NCERT
  2. Exploring a Tree – Teacher’s Manual
    Pub. by CSE


  1. India is One
    edited by Vijay
  2. Of Past Dawns and Future Noons - Towards a Resurgent India
    Author - Shonar
  3. History of India: A New Approach
    Author - Prof. Kittu Reddy
  4. A Vision of United India: Problems and Solutions
    Author - Prof. Kittu Reddy


Yoga in Everyday Series Booklets

  1. Meditation
  2. Yoga
  3. Sleep and Dreams
  4. Food
  5. Work
  6. Money
  7. Happiness and Peace

Ideal Series Booklets

  1. Ideal Parent
  2. Ideal Teacher
  3. Ideal Child

AIM Booklets

  1. The Right Object of Education
  2. Right Spirit in Work
  3. Flowers – The Smile of the Divine
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. How to Cultivate Concentration
  6. How to Sleep Well
  7. On Music
  8. The Planes of our Being
  9. The Vital (The Life-force, Prana)
  10. What is Consciousness
  11. Rest and Relaxation
  12. Depression – Its Cause and Cure
  13. Fear – Its Cause and Cure
  14. Sri Aurobindo on Desires

Books for Children

  1. Poems for Children
    Author - Norman C. Dowsett
  2. Sharing Nature With Children
    Author - Joseph Bharat Cornell
  3. The Sense of Wonder
    Author - Henry David Thoreau
  4. Traditional Indian Games
    Author - Pramila Pandit Barooah
  5. (Learn About) Rocks and Minerals
    Author - Jack Challoner
  6. The Lives of Children
    Author - George Dennison
  7. How Children Fail
    Author - John Holt
  8. How Children Learn
    Author - John Holt
  9. Learning All the Time
    Author - John Holt
  10. A Nursery School Handbook for Teachers and Parents
    Author - Marjorie M.Green,Elizabeth L.Wood
  11. Joy of Making Indian Toys (Popular Science Series)
    Author - Sudarshan Khanna
  12. Low cost Educational Materials (How to make, how to use, how to adapt) Inventory vols. 1 & 2
    Author - UNESCO